Arris Router Login: Default Username & Password 2020

Recently purchased Arris Router and don’t know how to login Arris Router using the default password? Don’t know, How to set up the Arris Router? Now you don’t have to waste your time in searching for the login guide about arris router. As here in this post, we are going to share every relevant term related to this Router.

How to Setup Arris Router

Before proceeding further, Let me first give you a short overview of this informative article. Here are the key points:

  • Introduction to Arris
  • Login IP address of Arris Router
  • Default Username & Password for Arris
  • Arris Router Login Guide [ Full Step Explained ]
  • How to change the password of this Router
  • How to Reset Arris router

Intro to Arris Router

Arris is one of the well-know recognized names in the list of best. This is one of the trusted brands in the field of networking which serves its user with amazing features. Arris is one of the oldest router manufacturer company which has attracted millions of users to its service by providing them with simple yet advance routers. We are also using various arris products in our office like arris wifi etc. The best part of this Router is that they have a secure network with a private login IP address.

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Arris Router Default IP Address

Arris router uses the private IP address as their login IP Gateway. If you want to access or modify any of the router settings, you must have to login to arris router IP. Here in this section of the post, we have added all the private IP address which are used by arris as their login URL. With the help of this IP address, One can modify all of its router settings. All information related to the unique login IP address of routers is always available in the router box. Use below login IP to access the admin panel of Arris:

List of Arris Routers IP

Default Username & Password for Arris Router

Every set of the Router is associated with some sort of security credentials irrespective of brand. Whenever you want to access the Arris router admin panel, then you will be promoted for login id and password. Even to make minor changes in your router settings, You need to have a unique set of user IDs and passwords. But if you are login to your new Router for the first time, then you must have to use the default username and password of arris router. Here in this section of the post, we have added the full list of default username and password of arris router:

List of Default username and password for different Arris Router Model

How to Setup Arris Router? [ Guide to Set Up Router ]

  • Before performing the login operation, first of all, you have to establish a proper connection.
  • Mainly there are two connection needs to be set up in case of arris router.
  • Firstly, You have to connect your modem with your Router so that all your devices can access it.
  • Next, Setup a connection between the Router and your pc/laptop.
  • To make this connection, You have to use two ethernet cables.
  • For confirmation, Check the blinking light of in the front panel of the Router.
  • If the light is blinking, then your connection is correctly established.
  • Hurray, You have successfully set up the Arris router network panel.

How to login to Arris Router Network Panel?

  • Firstly, You have to set up your new router
  • Check the above guide to Setup the Arris router to establish your connection.
  • After the successful connection, All you have to perform the login procedure.
  • Open any of your favorite browser [ Chrome/Firefox/Edge Recommended ].
  • Type this URL [ ] in your browser and hit the ENTER button.
  • If you have the working internet connection, then a login dashboard page will be open in your tab.
  • This login page will prompt for username and password.

  • Remember, If you are logging for the first time in your Router then,
  • You have to use the default username and password of the Arris router.
  • Here is the default Username: admin & Password: password
  • Enter these credentials and hit the Login button
  • Hurray, You have been successfully logged into your arris router admin panel
  • Now you have the power to change all your router settings as per your choice.
  • Enjoy 🙂

How to set up a new password in Arris Router [ Password Change Method ]

  • The very first step is to establish a proper connection between your Router and devices.
  • Next, CLICK HERE to access the login IP gateway of arris router.
  • Enter the default username and password for the successful login.
  • We have already shared the default login credentials for the arris router in the above section.
  • After completing the login process, Move to the ADMINISTRATION tab.

  • Click on Password change.
  • Fill all the required details in the given form like username, old password, new password, etc.
  • Hit the Save Changes button there.
  • That’s all, Logout from the system and perform the login again with your new id and password.
  • Voila, You have successfully changed the arris router password.

How to access the Arris Router as ADMIN?

  • Firstly, Setup your Router and make the proper connection between the routers and devices.
  • Now Open your favorite browser and type this URL [ ].

  • Hit the enter button.
  • Now a login page will be loaded on your screen.
  • Enter your new username and password, which you have recently changed.
  • Note: Don’t enter the default username and password this time.
  • Hit the LOGIN button.
  • Hurray, You have successfully logged into your arris router network admin panel.
  • From there, you can access all the settings of this Router.

Resetting the Arris Router

There are various ways of resetting arris router. Here in this section of this post, we have shared the easiest one. Here we go:

  • Every Router has a default RESET button available on the outer panel.
  • Using this RESET button, You can easily reset any router.

  • All you have to do is to press the RESET button for 10-15 seconds gently.
  • Within a few seconds, Your Router will reboot automatically.
  • During this process, Your Router will restart 2-3 times, so you don’t have to worry about the same.
  • Your Router will boot again with all the new settings.
  • In the process of resetting, all your settings will be restored to default.
  • In this way, You have successfully reset the Arris router.

List of Arris Router Models


That’s all for this informative post on Arris Router Login Guide. We have added all the essential terms which are related to this Router, like how to setup arris router, login guide of arris login, password change, etc. If you are getting any error while performing any of the above steps, then please comment down below so that our team can resolve your problem. You will get a reply within a few hours.

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