Admin Login [Default Username/Password] is one of the most common IP used by various router brands. If you are using any router in your office/home then you are already aware of this IP. Almost all of the router companies are using somewhat similar IPs as their common IP gateway. Here are a few of the famous router brands using IP: Adaptec, AddTron, Diamond, Addon, etc. We have shared the full list of the router using this IP in the bottom section of this post.

Want to know more about this router IP? How to Login to IP? Keep reading this post for more information.

Wait…Before proceeding further let me first give you a  short overview of this informative article. Here are the important points which we are going to share :

  • Intro to Router IP
  • Default username and password for this IP
  • How to login to this IP
  • How to change the password of this IP
  • List of Router Using  IP
  • List of Default user_id and password for
  •  FAQ Related to

What is IP?

This is one of the most common private IP used by various routers available in the market. Whenever you are connected to the internet, you are provided with a unique set of IP addresses. Different routers are loaded with different sets of IP addresses, is one of the topmost secured Internet Addresses used by routers like Addon, Adaptec, etc. The main benefit of using a private IP address is that your network is more secured. Not only this, No other third party can access your network without prior authentication.

Default username & password for

Every router is encrypted with some sort of private credentials. If you want to login to your router admin panel then you have to enter those credentials to get into the system. If you are login into your router for the very first them then you have to enter the default login user_id and password to access the router settings. Try with the default username and password for IP added below:

 Most common Default User_Id & Password for 192.168.I0.253

Username: admin

Password: admin

How to Access IP as admin?

Before proceeding to the next section, Must check the below requirements:


  • Browser [ Chrome/Firefox/Edge etc ]
  • Working Internet Connection
  • Few minutes of your busy life

How to login to IP? [ Easiest Guide ]

  • First of all, Make sure that you are connected to your router.
  • Also, Check your internet connection.
  • Here comes the main part, First of all, open your favorite browser.
  • Next Click Here to open the IP Login Panel.
  • Else, copy this URL [ ] and paste it in your browser.
  • If everything works fine then Login Page will be displayed on your screen.
  • Now fill your login credentials to access the router setting.
  • If you are performing the login process for the first time then you have to enter the default user_id and password.
  • We have already shared the most common username and password used by various routers in the above section.
  • Fill the required fields respectively.
  • Press the ENTER button.
  • That’s all, You have been successfully logged in your router settings.
  • From here, You can control all your essentials settings.
  • Enjoy 🙂

How to change the password of Router IP?

Want to change your router password? Here in this section of the post, we have added step by step guide for changing the default password of IP. Here we go :

  • First of all, You have to login into your system with default user_id and password.
  • For that, open this link in your browser.
  • Enter the default username: admin and password: admin in the respective column.
  •  Hit the ENTER button.
  • Now you are into the router system.
  • Now go to the Privacy & Security Setting.
  • Next, select the Security option there.
  • Click on Change Password.
  • Now fill the required details like your username, old password, new password, etc.
  • Make sure to enter the mix character strong password for secure connection.
  • That’s all, Hit the OK button.
  • Make sure to click on Apply Changes button to save all your settings.
  • Hurray, You have successfully changed the password of  this IP.
  • Enjoy 🙂

List of Router using192.168.10.253 IP Address

Most Common Router using this Router IP IP Default Username & Password

Here in this section of the post, we are going to share the default id and pass of various routers along with their router name. All you need to check your router name in the below list. After that copy username and password from here and try to sign in with it. Check out the below list:

FAQ Related to IP

Q1: How to reset your router?

Ans: All routers have a RESET button available on their back panel. Simply press the “reset” button for 10-20 seconds and your router will reset automatically.

Q2: How to resolve 404 Error while accessing the IP URL?

Ans: Check the URL again! Here is the router login URL:, If this doesn’t work then try

Q3: How to know our router IP?

Ans: To know your IP, Simply open your CMD [ Command Prompt ] and type “ipconfig”. That’s all, Your IP address will be displayed on your screen.

Q4: How to access IP as admin?

Ans: All you need to open this URL in your browser and login with your password which you have changed after default.

Q5: Which browser is best for accessing the router settings?

Ans: You can use any web browser to access your router. But we recommend you use Chrome/Firefox/Edge browsers for a better interface.

Final Words

Finally, we have come to an end to this post on IP. We have added all the required information related to this IP including how to login IP, How to change the password of this IP etc. Still, confused? If you have any doubts regarding this post then please let us know in the comment section. Our team will reply to you soon.

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