Router Admin Login

This article explains how to login router using default admin username and password.

In the Internet world, Everything is recognized by the unique Identity known as IP Address. Whenever we are connected to the internet and surfing google, then at that time, IP address is our unique Identity. Mostly there are two main categories of IP one is Private and the other is Public. this is the perfect example of Private IP. 

Here in this post, we are going to discuss Everything about this IP. Most probably, we have added all the crucial details in this article. If you guys are using Router any, then you must be aware of this private IP. Most of the famous brand router companies are using this IP as their default address. The benefit of this IP is that no third party can access your network. Security is maintained in this type of default gateway.

Before proceeding further, let me first give you a short overview of this informative article. Here are the important terms which we are going to discuss:

  • Intro about
  • How to login to this Router IP
  • Step by step guide to change IP Password
  • How to access 192.168.I.254 IP as Admin etc

What is

This is one of the popular IPs in the private category, which is used by different network companies. Router manufactured by these companies is loaded with these default IPs are Netopia Cayman, Westell Router, Billions Router, etc. All these routers’ brands are more secure as data packet flow remains between the sender and receiver. IANA is the headquarter of these IP addresses. All IP address is managed by IANA server! With the help of this IP address, we can easily control the administrator panel and all its related settings. If you want to modify your router setting, then you have to first login to IP. Scroll down this page a bit to know more about the full login process.

How to Login Router IP Address?

The login process is the same for most of the default IP Gateways. If you have login ever into, then you already know the process of getting into the router setting. Not to worry mate, if you are not aware of this as here in this part, we have discussed step by step guide on How to login to this IP. Here we go :

  • First of all, connect your laptop/pc/mobile with your router network.
  • Now open the browser in your device.
  • Type in your address bar.
  • Hit the OK button.
  • Now a login page will be displayed on your screen.
  • Enter your user id and password which you have created on your own.
  • Else if this is your first-time login then enter the default login credentials.
  • To know your default login credentials see the back panel of your router box.
  • Fill the details in the login page and press the enter key.
  • Voila! You have been successfully login to your Router.

How to Change Password of Router IP?

What if you forgot your origin password for this router IP? Nothing to worry mate as we have shared a full step by step guide on how to solve this issue. Suppose you are not able to login to your Router using your default password, then you must try the method below.

Follow the below-mentioned guide to change the password of this IP :

  • Open this link in your browser
  • Login with your default username and password
  • Default user: admin & password: admin
  • Now move to the setting dashboard
  • Select “Factory Reset” option there
  • Hit the “Restore to Default” back to default
  • Within a second, Your router setting will be back to default
  • Now set your new password and enjoy 🙂

How to access IP Admin Login?

  1. First of all, Establish your connection with Router 
  2. Next Click Here to open the login link
  3. If you have your default password then make sure to create a new one using above method
  4. Enter the login details 
  5. Hit the Enter key 
  6. Voila! You are redirected to the Admin Panel 
  7. Modify the router setting as per your requirement
  8. That’s all! Run your Router as admin and change all of its default setting 

List of UserID & Password [ Default ]

List of Router Brand Using

  • Modems Telus
  • Alcatel
  • Billion Routers/Billion Modems
  • Westell DSL Modems/Router
  • 3 Com Router 
  • Linksys Routers
  • NetGear I Routers/Modems

How to reset your Router?

Forget your new password? Not able to login to your admin panel? If you are stuck somewhere in these issues, then we must recommend you to try this resetting method. If your Router is not working properly suddenly, then there may be some connection issue that slows your network sharing capacity. Make sure to check all the wired and wireless connection with your parent machine. Here is a short method to reset your Router and restore all the settings to default:

  • Turn around your Router 
  • Check the back panel of Router 
  • You will see few of the press button key present there
  • Look for “Reset” button, and Every Router has this reset button present on the back part of it
  • All you need to do is to press this Reset button gently with a pin or with any thin pencil for few seconds
  • Within few seconds you will hear a shutting pinch sound
  • That’s all. Now your Router will restart again 
  • Hurray, Now all your setting will be restored to default, and your router connection will be smooth

Final Words 

That’s all for this post on Router IP. We have added almost all sort of information related to this IP. We have also shared how to access Admin. If you are getting any problem during the login process, then please let me know in the comment section. Also, If you have any further knowledge regarding this IP, then share it with us in the comment section. We will update it in our post! 

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